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Beware of care home contracts  [25th August 2017]

With the finances of care homes being squeezed due to decreased Local Authority funding vs. increased staffing costs, insolvencies in the care home sector are outstripping all other sectors. Little wonder then that some homes are using self-funders to plug the gap, by for example charging them 'on average 43% more than state-funded residents ... for the same level of care' or charging large deposits / cancellation fees. While the Competition and Markets Authority is now investigating such practices, many families are still having to make quick and ill-informed decisions about a home and in some cases are being rushed into unfair contracts. Our advice is to take your time and check the wording carefully, especially for any unfair or unequitable clauses, which will render it illegal. If you are not happy, do not sign and use the trial period to flush out any concerns, seeking amendments where necessary. For some general tips too, the Which consumer guide may also prove a useful starting point:

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